A FRINTON headteacher is set to retire and will leave the school at Christmas.

Frinton Primary School head, Joan Dear, took charge of the school nine years ago and has been at the helm ever since.

Originally from New Zealand, she has been a teacher for 37 years.

Mrs Dear has now informed governors and children of her decision to retire.

She will stay on until Christmas before calling it a day.

She said: “I’ve taught in schools all across Essex over the years.

“I love the children to bits.

"They have always been my favourite part of the job. At first, I was reluctant to go into headship because I wanted to stay in the classroom.

“But I have never regretted the move. It gives you the chance to take in other aspects of the school, but it is still the children I will miss most of all when I leave.

“I’ve had a wonderful time here in Frinton.”

Frinton Primary School governors have started the long recruitment process to bring in a new headteacher.