TWO salons were raided and ransacked by crooks looking for cash.

Colin’s Hairdressers in Stanford Road, Holland-on-Sea, was targeted in the overnight attack this week.

Cold-hearted crooks grabbed a Help for Heroes charity tin from the counter, as well as grabbing a small amount of cash from the till before fleeing.

Owner Colin Winfield was told about the break-in on Tuesday morning and rushed round to the shop.

He said: “They emptied out a charity tin which is just dreadful. You can’t sink any lower than that. It’s despicable.

“You just feel violated when something like this happens. It’s horrible to come in and discover it."

The pet grooming shop next door, Clippers and Combs, was also raided on the same night.

Owner Tony McDonald said: “We moved here from London to get away from this sort of thing. We didn’t dream it would happen here. It’s awful."

Both owners have installed extra security following the break-ins.

Anyone with information on the break-ins should contact police on 101.