ACTION will be taken to stop kite buggies causing chaos on Frinton Greensward.

The Greensward has long been a popular spot for kite buggies due to the large expanse of open ground.

But recently buggy drivers have been bombing around the grassy area during peak times, leaving other people scrambling out of their way.

Frinton councillor Terry Allen said: “They have always used the Greensward but until recently they have had the sense to wait until the end of the day when it has emptied right out.

“Recently on the bank holidays and on nice days it has become a major problem."

Councillors vowed to take action and agreed to talk to kite users to discuss the concerns, rather than looking to ban them from the Greensward.

Nick Turner said: “The Greensward is for everyone and a ban would go against the whole ethos.

“It is much better for us to have a quiet word before bringing bureaucracy into this.”

David Ursell, a local kite buggying pro, said the community of kiters in the area are always respectful of the Greensward and adhere to a strict code of conduct, but trouble can be caused by outsiders travelling into the area to use the site.