A VOLUNTEER from Jaywick has been picked to help marshal a world-famous cycling event as it sweeps through Britain.

Retired computer consultant Denis Barry-Smith, of Flowers Way, will be a part of 10,000-strong team of volunteer Tourmakers lining the route of the world-famous Tour de France.

He will be on hand to help spectators as the world’s top professional cyclists speed by.

Denis, 63, is set to be stationed around the Olympic Park in London as the cyclists pass through on stage three of the Tour on Monday July 7.

He said: “I wouldn’t say I’m a big cycling fan but I do watch the Tour de France on TV each year. It’s an incredible event.

“With it coming through Britain this year it was a golden chance to be a part of it."

Denis has completed his training sessions and will be on hand in the Tourmakers’ vivid green and blue uniform to boost the experience for spectators on Monday.