A CRACKDOWN has been launched to stop ‘A’ boards blighting town centres and high street pavements.

Last summer some traders in Frinton and Walton cluttered the pavements outside their stores with advertising boards in a bid to one-up their competition.

The seafront end of Frinton’s Connaught Avenue became a major problem area, with boards being placed in the middle of footpaths to catch the attention of customers.

They caused chaos as pedestrians struggled to push their way past.

Tendring Council has now moved to put an end to the problem.

A leaflet has been created to display the guidelines on where boards can be placed. It will be distributed to businesses across Tendring.

If traders do not follow the guidelines the council has the authority to remove their advertising boards as a last resort.

Council leader Mick Page said: “We fully appreciate the rights and needs of local businesses to be able to advertise and promote themselves, which is absolutely vital for their continued success.

“We are being responsive to concerns raised by pedestrians and our aim is to find the best solution for all users of the pavements – businesses, local residents and visitors.”

The move has been welcomed by residents and the chamber of trade.