BLUEPRINTS for a new £20million six-screen cinema, supermarket and restaurant complex in Clacton would have been rejected by local planners.

Britton Construction wants to create a major out-of-town complex near Brook Retail Park roundabout, as part of its Clacton Gateway project.

Plans were submitted to Tendring Council in January, but in May the Clacton-based developer launched a appeal to the Planning Inspectorate on the grounds of “non-determination” due to the length of time the authority was taking.

The plans were discussed at a planning committee meeting on Tuesday, even though the decision will now be made by an inspector. The committee voted unanimously against the plans.

A council spokesman said the proposals would have a “significant adverse impact” on the vitality and viability of Clacton town centre.

A spokesman for developer Kevin Britton said: “We remain confident that the alleged effects on the town centre will be shown to have much less significance and that the wide-ranging benefits associated with the development, including the creation of substantial areas of new landscaping to extend the Picker’s Ditch recreational walkway across Clacton and to nearly double the size of the existing nearby country park, more than justify ongoing support for the proposal.”

A planning inquiry is now expected to take place.