CAMPAIGNERS say it is only a matter of time until someone is killed unless the speed limit is slashed in Great Holland.

Residents have demanded a speed limit re-think on the busy B1032, the main road running through the heart of the village.

Well used by drivers travelling between Clacton and Frinton, the road carries a 30mph speed limit with a 40mph stretch running into Kirby Cross.

But concerned residents fear that stretch will see fatalities unless the speed limit is lowered from 40 to 30mph.

They also want other measures taken to reduce the risk on the road.

Linda O’Reilly, of Westbury Road, Great Holland, said: “The 40mph section has become particularly dangerous. Motorists often drive along there at speeds which appear to be well above 40mph.

“People also overtake along there near the blind bends at great speed. It is madness and incredibly reckless."

Linda is calling for a reduction in the speed limit, as well as road markings warning against overtaking.

She also wants to see signs alerting drivers to the concealed entrances along the road.

Essex County Council says applications for road changes should be made through local highways panels.