A CLACTON school has launched a new scheme to help parents engage with youngsters.

Clacton County High School has organised a series of activities to given pupils and parents a chance to work together.

The first event saw parents invited into the school to prepare a meal with their children, coordinated by head of food technology Rosie Wright.

They cooked homemade turkey burgers, potato wedges and salad, before eating together.

Organiser Elizabeth Bailey, county high director of learning, said: “We want to make parents and carers feel comfortable and welcome in the school environment and give them opportunities to share experiences with their children while trying new and exciting things.

“The first event was extremely well received, with parents saying that it was fantastic to be able to see their children working in the school environment and having the opportunity to together with them.

“We are excited for future events that invite parents into the school, and hope that across the year there will be something that will appeal to everyone.”