THE grieving family of Jay Whiston have been swindled out of thousands of pounds while trying to buy a campervan on the internet.

Caroline and Mick Shearer, whose son Jay was killed outside a house party in Colchester in 2012, were caught out by an internet conman as they tried to buy a vehicle for £5,800.

The couple transferred their savings to pay for the Fiat Ducato Carioca campervan before becoming suspicious.

They paid for the vehicle through what they believed was the secure Goggle Wallet website, but after checking the transaction Mrs Shearer found the website she used was fake.

She contacted Google and was told the sale was not genuine.

Mrs Shearer said: “We thought it would be good for us to get away from everything and try to get back a little bit of normality.

“We are very upset, but to be honest nothing can hurt as much as losing Jay."

Monica North, who’s son was in Jay’s class at Tendring Technology College, is now trying to raise the cash to buy another campervan.

Anyone who would like to donate can call Mrs North on 07754 259397.