BEAUTY-spot visitors have slammed “mindless” bikers who have been putting walkers at risk at Walton Naze.

Gangs on quad bikes and motorbikes have been shattering the peace at the Naze by speeding across the grassy cliff top in convoy.

Walkers say the bikers are a menace and warn it is only a matter of time before they seriously hurt someone.

Christine Bright, 58, who grew up in Walton and still regularly visits the Naze, ran into a group of speeding thrill-seekers in a recent cliff-top trip with her family.

She said: “As we walked down towards the end beach we could hear the sound of engines getting louder.

“Then we saw four of these mindless morons roaring across the grass.

“They kept crossing over the path and everyone was trying to get out of their way.

“It is extremely dangerous. At the speed they can go they could easily crash into someone and seriously hurt them."

Several instances of bikers abusing the famous cliff top have been flagged up over the years.

Worried residents have vowed to put a stop to it this summer.

Walton councillor John Halls said: “We have spoken to Tendring Council and the police about this and want to clamp down on it immediately.”