A SPECIAL bin bag pilot scheme has been launched to thwart hungry seagulls and prevent waste from being scattered across Clacton’s streets.

Gulls regularly rip apart black bags which have been left out for collection to get at food scraps inside.

It causes rubbish to spill out of the bags and onto the pavements and roads.

Now Tendring Council is set to distribute reinforced gull-proof waste collection bags in a bid to keep the seagulls at bay.

Nick Turner, Tendring Council’senvironment cabinet member said: “Even when residents put out their bags for collection at the correct time, and just hours before they are due to be picked up, the gulls still seem to get round and rip them to shreds."

The pilot scheme will include distributing the special bags to homes in eight roads around the town centre.

From this week residents in Beach Road, Orwell Road, Colne Road, Agate Road, Penfold Road, Edith Road, Pallister Road and The Grove will be able to use the bags.

Normal bin bags are slotted inside the new re-usable heavy duty bags to protect them from gull attacks.

The new gull-proof bags were half funded by Clacton Town Partnership with cash secured from the Community First funding pot.

If it proves successful the council could extend the pilot across a wider area.