VITAL PCSOs look set to stay in Frinton and Walton despite fears they could be poached by other areas.

Residents and councillors were worried they could lose the six community support officers currently patrolling the area when Essex Police announced the end of match funding.

Frinton and Walton Town Council agreed to fully fund six officers.

But they still feared losing the local knowledge of the current crop of PCSOs, which could have been reassigned to other areas.

Now the six officers have now been told they are likely to stay in the area by police chiefs.

Mayor Iris Johnson said: “These PCSOs are the ones we want here. They have done wonders for us.”

Councillors say their officers know the troublemakers in the area and are able to prevent crime before it happens.

They also had special praise for PCSO Rob Diss, who works regularly with youngsters in schools to keep them on the right path.

Police chiefs say nothing is set in stone, but want to maintain that level of local knowledge in Frinton and Walton.