BUS bosses have admitted their service running through Frinton and Walton is not yet up to scratch – but say they are working to improve it.

Walton lost its main bus route in March – the number 13, run by New Horizon Travel.

Horizon chiefs decided the Walton route was not economically viable and decided to scrap it.

Disappointed residents campaigned to keep the service, but their efforts proved to be unsuccessful.

The area is now solely covered by buses run by First and there have been some complaints about the service.

Walton councillor John Halls said: “We need a better service in our area. The residents deserve better.”

Mr Halls has written to First officials appealing for improvements.

He received a reply from a First spokesman who admitted that there had been problems with the service running behind schedule.

The spokesman said First is looking at improvements to the service.

Any change could be implemented from June onwards.