PARISH councillors are seeing red over irresponsible dog owners in St Osyth.

The council has hit out at owners for not clearing up after their pets on pavements and close to play areas in the village.

A new drive is being launched on Monday to tackle the ongoing problem.

Chairman Sonia Grantham said it comes following a successful trial along a private lane in the village.

Red spray paint will be used to mark dogs’ mess in a bid to “highlight to irresponsible owners the unpleasant and unsightly consequences of their actions”.

“Several key areas have been identified by the parish council,” said Mrs Grantham.

“Dog faeces is extremely unpleasant, but when left in playing areas and on pavements there is an increased risk of children contracting toxocariasis, a disease which can cause blindness and can even be fatal in extreme cases.”

The initiative is being backed by Tendring Council which is increasing dog warden patrols.

Residents who witness a dog being allowed to foul on the pavement or at play areas should call the parish council on 01255 821447.