TWO former Blockbuster employees have started their own entertainment shop to fill the void left by the major rental chain.

James Sexton and Nick Jose have launched The Entertainment Circle at premises on Old Road, near the now-empty Blockbuster store in Clacton.

The pair believe Clacton will buck the trend towards online shopping for DVDs and games.

James said: “There are a lot of loyal customers here who want to chat about films and have that personal touch when they rent of buy something.

“We kept bumping into old customers who said they missed having it there, so we decided to go for it.”

The shop, which rents and sells DVDs and computer games, opened its doors last week.

James added: “It’s been a lot of hard work getting it going but we are up and running now.

“We have already attracted a good few members, most of them people who used to use Blockbuster.

“We’re hoping to build it up gradually and hopefully it will take off and be a success.”