A PHONE scam victim has issued a warning to other residents after crooks tried to use her card details to fund a £3,000 shopping spree.

The 89 year old woman of Frinton Road, Holland-on-Sea, was targeted by the scammers on Sunday afternoon.

She received a call from a woman who claimed she had an outstanding phone bill of £43 and would have her phone shut off immediately if it was not paid.

The scammers took her credit card number.

A short time later the victim received a call from retail chain Marks and Spencer, asking her to confirm an order made using her credit card details totalling £3,000.

When she explained what had happened they were able to scrap the transaction.

Police advise against giving card details to cold callers over the phone.

Anyone who suspects they have been targeted by scam callers can contact officers on 101.

More safety advice on card and identity fraud is available on the Essex Police website by clicking on the Be Safe tab on the homepage and selecting the Identity Theft link.