A NEW chairman has been elected to represent Tendring Council.

Lawford councillor Val Guglielmi was selected at a meeting of the council on Tuesday.

Mrs Guglielmi, who will carry out the role until May next year, was previously vice-chairman of the council. She takes over the post from Neil Stock.

Fred Nicholls, who represents Thorrington, Frating, Elmstead and Great Bromley, was chosen as the new vice-chairman.

Mrs Guglielmi has been a district councillor since 2007 and is a past vice-chairman of the council’s service development and delivery committee.

Mrs Guglielmi thanked members of the council for bestowing the honour of electing her as chairman.

“I am very proud to have been elected and look forward to a busy year ahead of me,” she said.

“My theme for the next 12 months will be building a future for our young people in Tendring.

She also paid tribute to outgoing chairman Mr Stock and honoured the memory of his wife and consort, Sarah Candy, who died last month.