LIFE-saving public defibrillators have been installed in St Osyth to help residents take action in an emergency.

St Osyth and Point Clear First Responders helped fund and install the three specialist pieces of equipment.

The defibrillators are devices than can be used to give someone a small electric shock to their heart if they are having a cardiac arrest.

It can shock the heart back into a normal rhythm if done in time.

The devices have been installed at the Kings Arms pub, the Hutleys swimming pool and the Hutleys caravan park office.

A large group of villagers gathered to watch the installation and learn how to use the defibrillators in an emergency situation.

Suzanne McAree, who has been coordinating the First Responders group since 2002, said: “These defibrillators can be very important for our area.

“They are for the local community. Hopefully people will not have to use them, but if the time does come to use them they could save lives.”

Anyone who wants to join the First Responders and lives in St Osyth or Point Clear can call Mrs McAree on 01255 821522.