A BUSINESS owner on Frinton’s famous Connaught Avenue has opted for a major change – converting her dog grooming shop to an ice cream bar.

For the last two years Susan Westwood has run Canine Care from premises near the bottom of the avenue.

But she has now turned the former dog-shop into Pop Up, Pop In into an ice cream outlet to cash in on the seasonal trade.

Susan said: “The grooming salon wasn’t bringing in enough trade and I had to make a change."

The new shop opened on Good Friday and has been a hit so far.

Last summer saw some shops at the bottom of Connaught Avenue fiercely competing for customers, trying to out-do each other by placing large advertising boards across the pavement.

It was dubbed ‘ice cream wars’ by some nearby traders.

Susan says she was aware of the issue last year and has already spoken to other traders along the avenue in a bid to minimise any problems this year.

She added: “There are a few places selling ice cream but there is plenty of trade for everyone and we need to work together."