IT is buzz-iness as usual for a Frinton school despite bees nesting in its grounds.

Miner bees have created underground nests in the grounds of Tendring Technology College’s Frinton campus.

Experts were called into the school over the weekend to investigate the problem.

Principal Caroline Haynes said: “The bees are nesting near the technology block in our grounds.

“We had experts in over the weekend to help us look at the situation and how to move forward.

“Our absolute first concern is the safety of our students.

“If we considered that there was a high risk to any pupils we would be within our rights to have the bees killed.

“But we are also great believers in supporting our wildlife. They are very important ecologically and we are very conscious these bees are in decline.”

School bosses believe the bees will soon leave the site of their own accord as part of their natural cycle.

They are monitoring the situation closely at the moment and will only act if they believe there is a risk to pupils.