CLACTON’S MP has demanded more action to halt a “dependency culture” forming in the town.

MP Douglas Carswell fears too many people are arriving in Clacton to live on benefits.

He believes some Government-funded agencies are helping people to move to the town, creating a benefit state and bringing the area down.

It has previously been revealed that on average more than one ex-offender arrives in Clacton every week after being released from Chelmsford Prison.

Mr Carswell has now called for more action to be taken to prevent the situation getting out of hand.

He said: “Whether different government agencies realise it or not, they are in danger of creating that dependency sub culture in the middle of our town.

“We need to recognise there is a problem and tackle it now.”

Next the MP plans to target Government agencies which he feels are contributing to the problem.

Mr Carswell will approach those agencies in the hope of outlining a way forward.

Among those he plans to target is the probation service, which finds accommodation for ex-offenders in a bid to help rehabilitate them within society.