A BATCH of new volunteers have been recruited to help catch speeding drivers in the act.

Police say speeding motorists have become a persistent problem around Frinton, Walton, the Kirbys and Great Holland.

A recent speed trap caught eight dangerous drivers travelling through Great Holland, hitting speeds of up to 47 miles-per-hour in a 30 zone.

Police officers in the area regularly take to the side of the road armed with a speed gun to catch offenders, helped by Community Speedwatch volunteers.

The Community Speedwatch ranks have now been boosted by six new volunteers.

Officers hope the extra volunteers will help them stop speeders in their tracks.

PCSO Danny Paterson said: “This is a great opportunity for people to get involved and make a difference to their local areas, and ultimately make our streets safer."

Speedwatch recruits are trained to use speed guns and carry out the job safely.

They have now joined the ranks of volunteers who will be poised to catch speeding drivers at the side of the road.

The details of anyone caught speeding are passed on to the police and a warning letter is sent out in the first instance.

Records are kept and repeat offenders are dealt with more harshly.

Anyone who wants to join the Speedwatch scheme can contact PCSOs Danny Paterson or Paul Brassey at Walton police station by calling 101.