HUNDREDS of firearms have been seized after a review of gun licenses in Essex.

The force looked into who holds gun licenses in the county and confiscated them from people they consider a danger.

The controversial move will anger some because they are being removed from people, some of whom have not been convicted of a crime.

But Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh insisted it is the right thing to do.

He firmly believes it is better to take the risk of facing litigation from an agitated gun license holder than to leave a gun in the possession of someone who they don’t think should have one anymore.

Mr Kavanagh said: "We have recovered 225 firearms in safe keeping while we look to revoke licences.

“People will challenge us but policing is not just about acting after incidents but acting proactively.

“19 have been taken from people involved in high risk domestic abuse and 14 others have been surrendered already.

“The 225 taken relate to all crime including domestic violence.

“We are never going to reduce the risk totally but this is a very positive step.”