AN MP has launched a bid to get certain streetlights switched back on at night to make the area safer.

Clacton MP Douglas Carswell has started the ‘Many Hands Make Light Work’ campaign.

It comes after Essex County Council started a part night lighting scheme, switching the majority of streetlights in Tendring off from midnight to 5am to save cash.

But Mr Carswell hopes to fight the switch-off trend and force the council to switch some lights back on in vital areas.

He has called on residents to work with him to see the right lights returned to night use.

He said: “I can't get Essex Council to change their policy to switch lights off in the early hours of the morning. “But with your help, I can try to get them to rethink in particular cases.

"If folk help out and lend a hand, we really could get some of the lights to work again.”

Anyone with specific concerns about a certain area should contact the MP.

People can email or call 01255 423112.