DRIVERS have been urged to park their cars facing the right way at night to stop them becoming a major hazard following the streetlight switch-off.

The majority of streetlights in Tendring are now turned off between midnight and 5am.

Following the move patrolling police officers say cars parked the wrong way round at night can be dangerous as they cannot be easily seen in the darkness.

Legislation dictates cars should be parked with the passenger side next to the edge of the road overnight.

Cars are fitted with mandatory reflectors at the rear which allows them to be seen clearly if parked the right way round.

Walton-based sergeant Pete Gerard has called on drivers in the area to help them make the roads safer.

He said: “Whilst myself and my colleagues have been patrolling at night we note how it can now be difficult to see vehicles parked the wrong way round at night.

“I would not be advocating that we will be routinely placing fixed penalty notices on vehicles that fail to comply with the legislation.

“But I would like to point out that the legislation is there to make traffic movement safer and would therefore encourage drivers to comply.”