A COUNCILLOR called for Frinton and Walton town council to be “cutting edge” and consider creating its own police force.

The town council recently agreed to splash out £180,000 on fully funding six PCSOs.

But Nick Turner argued the council should explore the idea of a town council force to secure policing without Essex Police interference.

He said: “If we can find the extra money for six PCSOs, why can’t we really sit down and think hard about creating our own police force?

“I want us to have more control. Let’s think outside the box and get back to the cutting edge as this council once was.”

But Mr Turner’s fellow town councillors were not in favour of the idea.

Terry Allen said: “If we had our own police they would just be wardens with no authority.

“One of the reasons PCSOs are so effective is because they have the power of the police family behind them. That’s where the authority comes from.”

The council decided not to explore it further.