HARD-working students at an academy in Clacton have been praised for their outstanding attendance records - and celebrated by wearing onesies to school.

Pupils at Clacton Coastal Academy, in Pathfields Road, were commended for their attendance over the spring term by principal Tracey Hemming.

The academy set up a spring attendance campaign, called Bee in to Win, in a bid to help improve attendance rates at the school.

Students from years seven to 11 were given a raffle ticket for every week they achieved 100 per cent attendance with chances to win Easter eggs and £100 shop vouchers.

Mrs Hemming said students with 100 per cent attendance were also offered the option to come to school in a onesie.

Staff joined in the fun too and also made donations to Cancer Research UK.

Mrs Hemming said: “This is an initiative that students always get fully immersed in and it’s huge success is down to the enthusiasm of our wonderful attendance team and the students commitment to making their best better.”