CONCERNED traders fear a return of the ice cream wars on Frinton’s famous Connaught Avenue will and ruin the town’s image and make the pavement dangerous.

Last summer a host of shops at the bottom end of the avenue ran ice cream machines to attract visitors.

But some shopkeepers on the avenue dubbed the area ‘ice cream war territory’, with competitive traders spreading advertising boards across the pavements to one-up each other.

With Easter approaching to mark the start of the busy tourist season, some people fear a repeat of the situation.

One trader, who would not be named, said: “Last year there were more ice cream outlets than ever before with tables, chairs and advertising boards all over the pavements.

“It looks dreadful with the boards all over the place. People come to Frinton because it is a lovely, gentle town. This trend is turning it into a bog standard seaside town."

Tendring Council has been working with Essex County Council on the problem.

Nick Turner, Tendring Council deputy leader, said: “What happens at the bottom of Connaught Avenue in the summer is not how people want to see Frinton.

“We are working with county on it. We want to let traders work but prevent the situation we had last year. It is not in the spirit of Frinton.”