SUPER-strength booze could be “banned” from off-licences and shops in Clacton in a bid to rid the resort’s streets of drunks and vagrants.

The campaign will see police, councils and health agencies team up with off-licences and supermarkets to reduce the strength of alcohol available in the town.

Traders have hit out street-drinkers for an increase in anti-social behaviour in the town centre – and claim they are scaring away holidaymakers and daytrippers.

It is hoped that reducing the availability of strong, cheap alcohol will help curb the problem.

Mick Page, leader of Tendring Council, said: “We want Clacton to be seen as a family-friendly town and it is not fair local businesses have to put up with street drinkers abusing their staff and customers.”

The Reducing the Strength campaign will begin later this month in Pier Ward, which was last year labelled as a dumping ground for ex-offenders, many of whom suffer from alcohol problems.

Off-licenses and shops cannot be forced to remove high-strength drinks from their shelves but representatives from the council and the police will ask them to get onboard.

Chief Insp Cat Barrie, police district commander, called on off-licences to be responsible.