A PARISH councillor used his 4x4 to rescue an elderly man who suffered a suspected stroke in a remote spot on the river Colne.

The 73-year-old suffered the stroke during a country walk at an area known at Jacob’s Ladder, a steep slope almost one mile from Ford Lane, in Alresford, at 1.25pm on Sunday.

Ambulance crews were unable to get to the remote area and considered calling for the air ambulance.

But Frank Belgrove, 58, who lives in Ford Lane, used his Land Rover to ferry paramedics from the ambulance across fields to their patient. He then took them all back to the main road.

“He was in a very awkward spot to get to,” said Mr Belgrove, who is vice-chairman of Alresford Parish Council.

“The location was quite remote, is almost a mile from the nearest road and on a steep wooded unmade path near to the River Colne - the ambulance couldn’t get anywhere near it.

“Fortunately I have a Land Rover and my neighbours rang me after a passerby raised the alarm."

A spokesman for the East of England Ambulance Servicesaid: “Frank kindly helped the ambulance crew get to the patient quickly and we want to thank him for a gesture that has given the man every chance of recovering.”

The casualty was taken to Colchester General Hospital for treatment.