RESIDENTS on Clacton’s newest estate hope a community centre could tackle antisocial behaviour.

The estate is still being built between Little Clacton Road and St Johns Road.

A permanent centre will be built once most homes are occupied, but a temporary building has now been given the go-ahead until then.

Residents' association chairman Philip Clark said more than 80 families had already shown interest.

“There’s nothing around for the kids and we have had a little bit of antisocial behaviour,” he said.

“We want to address that with the summer holidays coming up.

“The developers were looking for occupancy of 75 per cent before they built a community centre, which they have to do as part of their planning permission.

“But because so many residents have shown an interest already they could start a lot sooner.

“We want to get involved and help run it for the community.”

The green light has been given for two portacabins to be put on open land in Legerton Drive.
Mr Clark hopes to see a range of activities for residents, including services for mums and children, as well as exercise classes and bingo.