MORE volunteers are needed to become first responders to help with emergencies in Clacton and Holland-on-Sea.

The region’s ambulance service is looking for volunteers to help those in trouble.

Community first responders are called to the scene of an emergency following a 999 call.

They receive free training to help them provide basic but vital life-saving skills which can make the difference in a life or death situation before the arrival of professional paramedics.

Danny Ayling and Sarra Boulton, who co-ordinate the area’s first responders, say there are not enough volunteers.

"Anyone living or working within this community can get involved with the scheme either as a first responder, or to help with other vital aspects of the scheme as a community supporter, fundraising or general admin help to the group,” said Mr Ayling.

“We need to make ourselves known in the community and we can only do this if we have dedicated volunteers to help with advertisement and ongoing recruitment.”

Volunteers take it in turn to be on call and carry basic first aid equipment and a simple-to-use defibrillator.

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