TENDRING Council has been taken over at the top by Frinton and Walton ward councillors.

The district council recently voted to fill its top positions.

Walton councillor Mick Page was named council leader, while Frinton representative Nick Turner took the spot of deputy leader.

Mark Platt, who represents Walton’s Hamford ward, was also the only new addition to be made to the district council cabinet.

The councillors hope their newfound prominence at the top could make a big difference to Frinton and Walton.

Nick Turner said: “It will open a few more doors and I hope our wards will benefit from the fact that we have been elected to these positions.

“I think it is a great source of pride for us and for the Frinton and Walton areas to be represented as they are now at district level.

“In this position I think we will be able to highlight issues and access the resources to make a difference to them a little quicker for our residents.”

The councillors were quick to point out there would be no preferential treatment for their patch.