A PROFESSIONAL graffiti artist has created a stunning tribute to Winston Churchill at Frinton’s railway station.

David Nash spent four hours painting the massive mural of the former Prime Minister.

He was commissioned to create the piece by Frinton in Bloom as part of an ongoing bid to boost the image of the station.

It is the second masterpiece David has created at the station, and stands alongside his past effort – a giant mural designed to mark 125 years of rails reaching Frinton.

He created the piece in black and white, with hints of red, white and blue.

It took four and a half hours to complete and David says he is pleased with the result.

“The pictures have had a great response online and in the town and I’m pretty happy with it,” he said.

“With this and the other piece and Frinton, it is great to leave your mark and I’m proud to have my work up there for everyone to see."