FRINTON Summer Theatre organisers have appealed to town councillors for a financial boost in their expansion plans.

They are planning a dance showcase to help spread the summer theatre out into the community and help it reach a younger generation.

Organisers will take over the Frinton and Walton Town Council-run Columbine Centre for four days at the end of August for the outreach event.

And they are asking for the council to help them with the costs.

Summer Theatre producer Matthew Townsend said: “We are asking for support in what is a major community project and a very new scheme for us.

“The maximum cost of the four-day spell there would be £1,250, and that’s the absolute top amount. It is unlikely to be that much.

“We are asking the council to waive some or all of those costs."

The theatre company plans to run three dance performances on August 27-29.

The town council will decide if it is able to help the theatre scheme financially and announce its decision soon.