A BID has been launched to clear cluttered pavements which are creating a hazard for pedestrians.

Town councillors want to see advertising boards and furniture removed from the pavements in High Street and Old Pier Street in Walton, as well as Frinton’s Connaught Avenue.

They say business owners are spreading further out onto the public walkways, causing problems for pedestrians as they try to fight their way along the streets.

Walton councillor John Halls said: “We have been talking for more years than I can remember about all the things littered across our pavements.

“It is absolutely ridiculous. We need the authorities to take responsibility.”

Frinton and Walton Town Council pledged to battle the trend.

They will contact Tendring Council in a bid to see a Connaught Avenue clear-up enforced while they search for a solution in Walton.

David Lines said: “Connaught Avenue is a conservation area and there are strict rules on where advertising boards can be placed.

“We need to make the higher authorities aware and we need to make sure it is enforced.

“Hopefully Frinton will be taken care of and that will clear the way for us to find a solution to clear Walton’s pavements.”