A CHARITY for visually impaired residents has assured vulnerable users it is safe to walk the Clacton streets.

Essex Sight recently handed out personal alarms to users to help them feel safe when they leave their homes.

The move came after two visually impaired people were attacked in Clacton.

But charity members say they were isolated incidents and there is no need for panic.

Libby Turner from Essex Sight said: “We would like to reassure people that there is not an increase in the visually impaired being targeted or at risk.

“But they can be vulnerable and we felt that by providing them with personal attack alarms they would feel safer.

“We want people to continue to use their white canes if they carry one. There are many people who are always delighted to help and this makes them aware of you."

Anyone with impaired vision can contact Essex Sight about the alarms or other equipment on 01206 563072.