A YOUNG girl was inspired to raise hundreds of pounds for a hospital ward which helped with her nan’s cancer treatment.

Rachel Doe, 12, started fundraising off her own back to boost the Rhys Lewis cancer ward at Colchester General Hospital.

She was inspired to start collecting cash after her nan, Stephanie Rowe, from Clacton, was diagnosed with cancer in June.

She was given three months to live but is still battling the disease.

And young Rachel was moved to help the Rhys Lewis ward after visiting her nan there.

Rachel’s mum Keely said: “Rachel and I were in and out of the ward all the time while my mum was there, visiting from our home in London.

“Rachel noticed that a few of the TVs weren’t working in the ward and she said she wanted to raise some money for them.

“There are a lot of ill people there, some of them terminal, and she wanted to help."

She gathered sponsorship and has now raised about £300 for the hospital.

Keely added: “I feel guilty for doubting her now. She was absolutely determined and we are so proud of her efforts."