A PUBLIC consultation will be held over a supermarket chain’s plans to create a new superstore in Clacton.

Retail giant Asda wants to demolish an existing Co-op in the town and build a brand new shop in its place.

And Asda is now set to unveil its plans to residents and give local people a chance to have their say on the proposals.

The development will include a new store, a petrol station and a car park with more than 300 spaces in Bull Hill Road.

Staff at the existing Co-op store will be transferred over to the new store and Asda says the building scheme will create hundreds of new jobs.

Asda’s property communications boss Philip Bartram said: “We believe the scheme is set to prove very positive for the community in the long-term but it is vital we have the chance to hear all comments or questions people may have on the proposal."

The consultation will take place across two days at the Princes Theatre.

It will run on Friday February 14 from 1pm-7pm and on Saturday February 15 from 10am-2pm.