AN MP is calling for tough action after shock figures revealed convicted crooks are flooding into Clacton and making their homes here.

More than one new ex-offender steps off the train in Clacton every week after being released from Chelmsford Prison.

Traders and hoteliers fear it is hitting business and claim the resort has become the "rubbish tip of Essex".

A Freedom of Information request revealed 67 former prisoners moved to the town centre in just 12 months.

Many move to low-cost bedsits and hostels in Pier ward, including Beach Road, Ellis Road and Penfold Road.

The influx of ex-offenders is being blamed for the high percentage of benefits claimants and an increase in drug and alcohol problems in Clacton town centre.

Clacton MP Douglas Carswell, who obtained the official figures, is calling for tough action to to tackle the problem.

“If a disproportionate number of ex-offenders are coming to our town centre, it is not going to be good for Clacton – or much good for the ex-offenders," he said.

Mr Carswell has called for more action to take place to curb Clacton’s “bedsit land” following restrictions brought in by Tendring Council to prevent more homes being turned into shared properties.

He wants agencies who receive cash to house ex-offenders to be made more accountable to the public.