A WALTON woman claims turning off a street light in an alley by her home could lead to a spike in crime.

The majority of street lights in Frinton and Walton are set to be shut off between midnight and 5am every day as part of an Essex County Council bid to save £14million.

But Catherine Miller, of Elm Tree Avenue in Walton, has hit out at the plans.

One of the lights set to be shut off for the five-hour period is in the middle of an alley linking Elm Tree Avenue and Gatefield Close.

And Catherine said: “We had a directive from our local council in 2012 to trim back a tree by our house because it blocked off the light and they said it made the alley unsafe for pedestrians.

“Well now they are trying to turn it off completely.

“By turning off the only light in an alley that is well used you are just asking for people to be mugged or seriously assaulted."

The street light is positioned halfway down the alley.

Catherine added: “It is a major concern. People have got to stand up and say something or this will just happen and we will be left with the consequences.”