EMERGENCY services and organisations gathered at a special event designed to prepare residents for future flooding catastrophes.

In December Jaywick residents left their homes in droves after a serious flood risk warning was issued.

And the different agencies and organisations gathered for an event to prepare residents for future flood emergencies while the latest event was still fresh in their minds.

Tendring Council organised the event at Jaywick Resource Centre.

It included the Environment Agency, Essex County Council, Trading Standards, police, firefighters, Careline, Coastguard rescue teams and the Red Cross.

Each group had a stall with leaflets and freebies to help explain the process when a flood alert is issued and how people should prepare and react.

Tendring Council cabinet member Lynda McWilliams said: “We were very pleased that so many turned out, many more than on previous occasions, and it was a really worthwhile exercise.

“Residents were able to ask us questions about what happened in December and we learnt some valuable information about the evacuation from their point of view.

“It was really important to speak to them about their own experiences of that night and look at how things might be done differently in the future.”