OWNERS of a Frinton eatery want to pave over the grass on the pavement outside their premises.

Emma’s Kitchen in Fourth Avenue has launched an application to replace the grass at the edge of the road with stone paving slabs.

But Frinton and Walton town councillors criticised the plan.

Vanda Watling said: “This part of Frinton is in danger of becoming less residential and more commercial.

“This could pave the way for tables and chairs being put out there for customers. There are people living opposite and I think it is the wrong location for this kind of development.”

Concerns were also raised over the affect it would have on drainage.

Jan King said: “We would be taking away grass and replacing it with stone.

“If the rain can’t soak into the grass it has got to go somewhere else, and we are going to have problems.”

The town council recommended refusal and the application will now go before Tendring Council.