A WALTON GP surgery boss has backed moves to create new a new medical centre in the area.

Doctors at Walton’s Vicarage Lane surgery worked with developers to help form plans for a new surgery on Martello Caravan Park.

Frinton and Walton recommended refusal of the Martello plan, but it could still be given the green light by Tendring Council.

And the town council has now started looking into creating a new medical facility for the area itself.

Walton practice manager Martin Durrant said: “Tendring is currently experiencing a huge manpower crisis as it struggles to attract clinicians to the area, with Frinton and Walton practices being particularly at risk.

“This coupled with a growing and aging population means that there is a very urgent need to develop a viable solution to safeguard primary care services for patients in Walton, Frinton and surrounding villages.”

Mr Durrant believes a new state-of-the-art centre would attract more doctors to the area and bring healthcare back from the brink of crisis.

And he supported any schemes which would deliver a new surgery for residents.

He added: “The practices in Walton and Frinton have been working closely with NHS England, North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group and Frinton and Walton Town Council to develop a business case to achieve this aim.

“We feel that a modern community health centre will not only benefit our patients but will give us an edge in the competition to attract new GPs to this area.”