TOWN councillors fear losing their top school-based cop following the latest change to police funding.

Frinton and Walton Town Council currently pays half of the wages of eight PCSOs, but Essex Police has announced it will stop match-funding officers from March 31.

The council foots half of the £258,000 bill for its eight officers, keeping them exclusively in the area.

With the loss of match-funding from the police the council is looking to spend the cash on fully funding four PCSOs to operate in the area instead.

But they fear they could lose they could lose their top cops who have created strong relationships in the area, particularly PCSO Rob Diss who works with youngsters in schools.

Mayor Iris Johnson said: “Rob Diss works with our youngsters and has built up a great relationship with them, but it is very possible he could be moved on.

“We know there are going to be some movements and we won’t have this many PCSOs in future, but I’m very concerned at the idea of losing PCSO Diss.

“It would be very short-sighted to move someone from the schools when they have built up that trust."

The council agreed to do everything possible to keep PCSO Diss in the area.

They have sent a letter to Essex Police explaining their strength of feeling and hope to keep him on in the area to continue his work with youngsters.