DEVELOPERS were accused of being greedy by councillors after an application was launched to demolish a house and replace it with nine new properties.

South East Developments already have planning permission to demolish the existing home on the site and build eight homes on the Frinton Road site in Kirby Cross.

A new application has been submitted to include an extra home in the new development.

But Frinton and Walton Town Councillors criticised the new plan.

John Halls said: “It is sad to see them want to pull down such a lovely house and try to squeeze so many new houses on the site.

“Nine is too many. It is on a main road and each new home will probably have a car or two. It is just greed.”

The councillors said it was an overdevelopment of the site and would create traffic problems.

They recommended refusal of the new plan for a nine-home development.

Tendring Council will have the final say on the project.