A MURDER trial jury has visited the scene of a party where a teenager was fatally stabbed.

More than 100 young people were at the party in Colchester when 17-year-old Jay Whiston got involved in a row and suffered a stab wound to his heart.

The Clacton teenager died later in hospital.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard a post-mortem examination revealed "moderate" force had been used to deliver the blow that killed the Clacton teenager.

There were two other stab wounds - one to his torso and another which connected with a belt Jay was wearing.

Jay staggered from the scene and was heard to say: "I've been stabbed."

He was followed by Edward Redman, 18, who allegedly said "I'm going to do him" while one of his friends said he was going to "bottle" Jay.

Redman stabbed him again before fleeing the scene with a friend, the court heard.

As they left, others heard them saying "let's get out of here" and "we'll stick together through this".

CCTV traced them and the pair were seen on a bus heading for Colchester North railway station.

They were spotted later at the Greenstead roundabout before getting a train from the Hythe to Clacton.

At one stage, Redman ordered a taxi. According to the driver, he was "constantly receiving calls or texting", prosecutor Mark Milliken-Smith QC told the jury.

Redman was heard at one point saying: "Just tell them there was a big fight. You don't know anything about it."

He was taken to girlfriend Shannon Fenlon's home and stayed there the night.

By this time, the clothing he had been wearing the night before was gone, the court heard.

Mr Milliken-Smith alleged it had been burned to put Redman in the clear.

The jury visited the scene of the alleged murder yesterday and were shown where Jay, of Aster Close, was stabbed.

The trial is not sitting today but resumes on Monday with the prosecution calling the first of their witnesses.

Redman, of Halstead Road, Eight Ash Green, denies murdering Jay on Sepember 8, 2012.

The trial continues.