A MOTORIST who was clobbered with two fines in two minutes for unwittingly driving in a controversial bus lane is celebrating after highways bosses said she would get her money back.

Christine Wilson, from Clacton, was among thousands of people caught out by new traffic restrictions in Colchester.

She was stunned after receiving two separate fines for offences committed within seconds of each other.

She claims she didn't even see signs warning she was breaking the law.

County council highways boss Rodney Bass has now cancelled almost 17,000 penalties dished out to drivers who accidentally flouted the new bus lane rules.

A million pounds worth of fines dished out in just 11 weeks will be handed back following a massive protest.

"I'll be really chuffed if I get my money back," said Christine.

"I saw a jacket which was half-price in the sales at Monsoon and now I can afford it!"