THE Jay Whiston murder trial has started at Chelmsford Crown Court.

The trial started minutes ago with the prosecution's opening after a jury had been sworn in.

Edward Redman denies murdering 17-year-old Jay Whiston at a house in Colchester on Sepember 8, 2012.

Redman, 18, of Halstead Road, Eight Ash Green, is alleged to have stabbed Jay to death during a party at a house in Marlowe Way, Lexden.

The teenager from Aster Close, Clacton, died at Colchester general hospital later.

Redman's father Gary, 51, also of Halstead Road, Eight Ash Green, his 19-year-old brother John, of High Street, Halstead, and Shannon Fenlon, 18, of Jameson Road, Clacton, face a joint charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in connection with the alleged murder.

The three are accused of a series of acts with intent to pervert the course of justice by destroying or interfering with material which was potentially evidence relevant to a murder investigation.

The trial continues