WALTON’S beach hut boss wants to see the town’s devastated seafront area returned to its former glory – but warns it will take time.

Huts along the beach between the coastguard station and Hipkins breakwater bore the brunt of the tidal surge in December.

Some structures were badly damaged by the powerful waves while others were destroyed completely and washed out to sea.

Walton beach hut association chairman Eddie Fenwick said: “Owners and council workers have been down there to make it safe and clear the debris but it still looks like a tsunami has hit it."

Mr Fenwick hopes the rows of battered beach huts will eventually be fixed up.

But he says the weather is making it difficult to get started on work to fix up and replace the damaged huts.

He added: “It is best for people to leave it for the moment with the strong winds, high tides and storms still coming regularly.

“The weather is still hammering away, but I hope in time we can return the area to its former glory and have the seafront lined with beach huts again."